5 May

Included as well will be a VGA port (useful should you come across an older screen), a high-speed networking connector (excellent if you want to save or move a lot of files), and some sort of webcam with mike. Your webcam isn’t stellar top quality, but certainly a nice option if you wanted to experience a very quick meeting.


The Acer Aspire One 722 comes installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, which can be a nice option. They might well have supplied only 32-bit, because so many versions of this Laptop only have 2 GB with RAM. The 64-bit variation gives you the choice of upgrading your RAM later, in case you find your usage requires a tad bit more breathing space.

However, based on the place you get it from, your Aspire One 722 may show up with lots of bloatware installed, which significantly reduces the initial impressions of a thoroughly clean, new Netbook. Reasonably, all that’s necessary installed for a fresh Netbook with HDMI is the os plus some kind of media player to help you display your high-definition movies. Trialware and software of doubtful value truly packed in, as it doesn’t actually add any value for any Netbook. This is a place where Acer falls off.

Microsoft windows 7 has been introduced in the market with its complete editions. Microsoft has taken initiative to popularize it among the entire segments and that’s that it offers Windows 7 with important electricity software, which would simplify the task of upgrade to the hottest version.


Consequently upgrade your HP computer to latest Windows 7, which is a stable, smooth, and really polished, introducing new graphic feature. There is also present a new taskbar that can compete handily while using the Mac OS X pier, and device management and security enhancements which make it both easier to use and safer.


Modern techniques have been implemented by means of Jump list, Aero together with Windows Search. These would help you to work faster. You can keep your most recently required programs at your finger tips with “Aero Pin”. To organize multiple Windows on your Desktop, you can make use of “Aero Snap” and “Aero Shake”. If you have to make search for any sort of important file, you can launch Windows Search precisely as it presents the search result in a more descriptive way as soon as you type the initials of your files name.

If you have a choice to share your work or files at home, you can easily connect every one of your PC’s present in your home with the “HomeGroup”, which too with proper safety measures and customization, which was never so easy in the earlier version of Windows Vista and Windows xp.

Again, if you are concerned about your privacy in the shared network, then encrypt your files with BitLocker. If you are on a move and wish to organize meeting with your colleague, then connect them via Direct access. Microsoft has induced fun package by means of “Windows Media Center”, which give usage of unlimited Internet TV options.

Microsoft provides pampered this latest OS with many features, that everyone is looking for an opportunity for Windows 7 update. windows 7 home premium product keys